Many people believe success is being in the right place at the right time.   While there’s certainly a grain of truth in that statement, I offer this caveat… You must be aware that you’re in the right place at the right time. After all, getting what you want in life doesn’t just happen. Desire, action, and awareness play a significant role in every success you’ve achieved.

Introducing the 7 Levels of Awareness

When you want something that’s well outside your comfort zone, you will have to stretch to reach it. You will also have to raise your level of awareness because you’re going for something you’ve never been, done, or had before. As you see in the illustration below, there are seven levels of awareness. seven levels of awareness Every person on the planet functions at one of these levels. However, we may bounce back and forth between levels according to where we are in our lives at any given time. The ultimate goal is to move from the lower levels of awareness to mastery. Let’s look at the role each level might play in your ability to realize your goals and succeed in every area of life. As I go through each one, see if you can identify which level you function in most of the time. Level

1: Animalistic We are all born into an animalistic state. When we’re in this state, we react to whatever is happening around us. At this level, we are in “fight or flight” mode, and we allow our current circumstances to dictate our life.

Level 2: Mass Our paradigm starts to form inside us before we are born. It’s in our genes. Then, after we’re born, our family, guardians, and environment continue to form our paradigm. When children are old enough to go out and play with their friends, we encourage them to get along with and be like the rest of the kids. In other words, we’re all programmed as children to follow the masses. At this level of awareness, we follow the crowd rather than doing our own thinking. Our objective is to conform, to blend in with the crowd.

Level 3: Aspiration We might follow the crowd for years, but at some point, something in us wants something better—something greater than what we have ever been or had. We know we are capable of more and start to feel uncomfortable as our desire grows. And here’s why we feel that way… We are uncomfortable because we want to grow, but we have an idea of how to do it. Every time we think about changing the paradigm pulls us back. We’re not aware of what’s going on. We just know we want something more. Everyone makes it to this level of awareness. However, many people become stuck at this level because they never back their desires with action. So, in effect, their desires are only wishes.

Level 4: Individual At this level, you really begin to dream, and you realize you have unique gifts and there is no one else like you. And you want to express your uniqueness as a human being. However, every time you start to move forward, the paradigm pulls you back to Level 2, where you continue to follow the masses. The desire remains, though, so you keep coming back to it. You get locked into a tug of war with your paradigm. It tells you over and over again that there’s no need to follow your silly dream. It tells you it’s better to stay where you are where it’s safe.

Level 5: Discipline Here you realize that the only way to reach your goal is to give yourself a command and follow it—regardless of what’s happening around and inside you. You must combine your desires with discipline if you’re going to step into your dream. It’s the only way to overpower your paradigm. However, as soon as you follow the command, the paradigm starts fighting back again and before long, your resolve to move toward your goal starts to dissipate. And soon you’re STUCK again! So, you must train yourself to follow a command no matter what. When your discipline starts to dissipate, you must exclaim, “No way! I’m going to do this, and I’m going to do it NOW! This is how I’m to live.” And then you must step out and do it, and you keep doing it until the paradigm dies from lack of nourishment. However, this will work only if the goal is something you really want. Otherwise, you’ll be destined to keep doing what you’ve been doing and getting what you’ve been getting.

Level 6: Experience When you apply steadfast discipline and see the desired results manifest, you will feel something you’ve never felt before. Your life will start to shift, and you want to do more of the same. You may have heard that experience is the best teacher. That’s because experiential learning is real learning. At this level, it becomes unnecessary to gather outside information. You know that all the answers you are looking for can be found within.

Level 7: Mastery At the mastery level, you’re no longer controlled by habits that don’t serve you. You respond to life rather than react. You know how to think correctly. You plan, and you take the actions that produce your desired results. You have learned the laws of the universe, and you understand how the science of achievement works. You’ve used your experience to fine-tune your manifestation techniques to achieve one goal after the other. Only a tiny percentage of the population reaches this level; however, we all have the mental faculties and capacity to do so.

The only thing stopping you from being the captain of your ship is… You. If you have a goal and you can’t see how to get to the goal from where you are right now, you don’t need to. You just need to increase your awareness. You can do that by taking these steps:

  1. Study every day.
  2. Write out your goal in the morning and evening.
  3. Focus on what you want.
  4. Take a step toward your goal each day.
  5. Pay attention to the new results when you take a step ahead, and then you’ll be able to see where to go or what to do next.

Right now, a higher side of you is urging you to create something bigger, better, and that speaks to your soul. And another side, your paradigm, is nagging at you to stay the same. It’s your choice. Which urging will you follow? To

Your Success,


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