Can you guess who said this?

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

It was Albert Einstein.

One would assume that Einstein favored logic over intuition, yet the reverse is true.

Einstein understood that intuition is a form of intelligence that goes beyond the rational mind. It eavesdrops on the mind of the universe, giving us access to infinite possibilities.


A universal gift

All humans have been gifted with an incredible intuitive factor.

When you and I tap into our intuitive mind, we connect to the perfect, unlimited side of ourselves, the deep spiritual essence of who we are. And that allows us to accomplish uncommon things.

For example, highly effective salespeople, police detectives, and lawyers have a highly-developed intuitive factor. They stand out in their respective fields because they’ve trained themselves to pick up on people’s energy instead of just hearing what they’re saying.

It’s likely that, at least once in your lifetime, you’ve experienced the magical power of your intuition…

Think of a time when someone looked into your eyes and told you they loved you or promised they were going to do something, and you knew they were lying.

Or a time you sensed something was wrong with a loved one, but they assured you everything was fine. However, later you found out that the person was, in fact, facing a serious problem.

It was your intuitive factor that enabled you to pick up those unspoken messages.


Another myth about intuition

You often hear people say that intuition is a sixth sense. They are wrong. Intuition is not a sense at all; it’s a mental faculty that enables us to tune into the universe’s energy by sensing vibrations.

For example, you can use it to “read” other people since everyone is a mass of energy vibrating at a remarkably high speed. Your intuitive factor will pick up vibrations coming from a person.

Quite often, if you have a close relationship with someone, you will pick up what they are thinking, even before they verbally express it to you.

You don’t have to take my word for it—test it for yourself. Over the next week, whenever you’re with a person with whom you have built an excellent rapport, and you feel they are thinking about something, in particular, tell them what you think and listen to their feedback.

Be aware that a person could be saying one thing and yet, thinking another. However, vibrations never lie. With practice, you will eventually get to the point where you will pay closer attention to the vibrations you are receiving rather than the words you are hearing.


And what about hunches?

When you are in tune with your intuition, you can receive flashes of insight and leaps of creativity that your logical, linear mind cannot make.

However, you must be paying attention.

We are often unaware of our intuition’s messages because the busyness of life, fear, and agitation cloud them or crowd them out.

To develop your intuitive factor, start paying attention to things you would typically not attach any importance to. Notice the feelings you get and the thoughts that knock on the door of your mind that you may ordinarily dismiss.

Those “feelings”… those “hunches”… those “coincidences”… are all valuable messages from the universal mind, meant to guide you in the right direction.

Once you start paying attention, you’ll be surprised by how often the voice of intuition tries to reach you during a day. And you’ll start feeling your way through life, paying attention to your feelings and hunches, and staying open and flexible instead of rigidly sticking to a plan.


One of the most valuable mental tools you possess

“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal,
and then leap in the dark to our success.”
― Henry David Thoreau

I agree with Thoreau.

When you’re going for a big goal, you have to jump into the unknown at some point.

However, here’s something you must keep in mind…

If you leap into the dark without being clear on what you want and where you’re going, you’re rolling the dice. There’s no telling where you will land.

To reach your goal, you must bring your heartfelt desires into crystallized focus and put your heart-centered attention on what you envision.

And, if you tap into your intuitive mind, you’ll get there faster because you will connect to the perfect, unlimited side of yourself that can help guide you to your intended destination.

However, if you or someone you know has followed hunches in the past only to be deeply disappointed with the results, you may be wondering where things went wrong.


Is it my intuition or ego?

Reaching lofty goals or making important decisions are best made by our intuitive mind, informed by our past choices and experiences.

However, if the models you have built over time for making quick decisions are defective, you are likely to suffer from unconscious incompetence. And you’ll make poor choices and judgment in life and business.

Having a strong desire for something is not a reason to ignore your intuition. However, when you receive guidance, it may not always be easy to discern if it’s coming from your ego or intuition, and you can let that guide your next move.

So, here are our suggestions.

First, become aware of the feeling that is behind the guiding thought. If you’re feeling anxious, insecure, or tense from the thought, it’s likely coming from your ego. If you’re feeling uplifted and like the idea is coming from a loving, authentic place, it’s your intuition.

And second, learn, observe, and work to improve the details that inform your intuitive thinking to help you make better gut decisions.

By working on noticing situations, recognizing patterns and recurrent thoughts, and asking for guidance each day, you can get better at making gut decisions.

To your success!

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