There’s no such thing as an overnight success.

Success requires drive, hard work and persistence. However, having the right people around can have a profound effect, and even accelerate success.

When you are goal-oriented, having the right people in your life can help you reach any target more effectively and efficiently.

Successful people understand this. They realize we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So, they are choosy about who they surround themselves with. And here’s how you can do the same.

First, take an honest look at where you are

Do an analysis of your circle of friends and colleagues to see whether they add to your life or take away from it.

Think about what you talk about when you’re with each one. Left to their own devices, would they be more likely to talk about people or ideas? Do they encourage you to think big or to play small? Are they striving to improve their own life?

You’re looking for people who mirror who and what you want to be…

If you want to be financially successful, you want people around you who are financially successful.

If you want a thriving business, you want friends, colleagues and associates who are successful business owners.

And if you want to improve your relationship with your partner, hang around and get to know people in successful relationships.

You are only responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions. However, hanging out and brainstorming with people who have already done what you want to accomplish can help success come more naturally.

Next, think about where you want to go

If you’d like to become more successful in business or earn significantly more money, here are five types of people you should spend more time with.


Success- and business-oriented people understand that setting goals and working hard will help them achieve what many consider to be unachievable.

To keep your drive for a better life going, strive to spend time with people like this, people who dare to dream. These dreamers don’t need to be involved in the same industry as you or your business; the important thing is that you are around or have access to people with big plans for themselves. Seeing other people’s drive will keep you hungry to reach your goals.


Highly successful people constantly drive themselves to be and get better. They are passionate learners who want to live into their potential and make a difference in the world. And it shows in the quality of their work.

The benefits of being around learners, and becoming a learner yourself, are immeasurable. Not only will it make your business and your financial bottom line better, but every aspect of your life will improve.

Fast Decision Makers

A common trait of successful people is that they make decisions quickly, often with very limited information. Instead of waiting around for all the data to trickle in, they keep things moving by trusting their gut. And once they’ve decided, they don’t second guess it or debate it in their head. They stick with it.

Learning to go with your gut and make decisions quickly will make a huge difference in your success. I taught Sandy Gallagher this years ago when she was afraid to send an email to all her law clients that she was closing the practice. I said, “HIT SEND!” So, she did, and the payoff was tremendous.

People with a Positive Attitude

People are better at what they do if they have a good attitude. Negative attitudes can drag down work ethic, and they don’t offer any inspiration for success or innovation.

Surrounding yourself with negative people can bog down your creativity and drive, and it could ultimately keep you from reaching your goals. People with positive attitudes can have the opposite effect, facilitating your leap towards success more effectively.

Inquisitive People

Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” As business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders, we should constantly be asking questions about ourselves, our business and our goals.

However, no single person will think of every important question. People who ask questions may provide a different angle on an issue or an idea, and these questions could ultimately lead to an important breakthrough for you. Perspective is everything.

Who do you want?

Now, it’s time to get to work.

Based on your goals and values, list five people you think could help you take things to a new level—whether you already know them or not.

Begin your search in your existing networks and the people closest to you: your family, friends, and community.

Also, look at the people you work with, other leaders, and even your customers.

Then look for experts and successful people who’ve achieved the goals you want to accomplish.

Once you’ve identified the people who can help you succeed, you must figure out a way to spend some or more time with them.

Start small and simple

If one or more of the people on your list is friend or family member, invite them to dinner or to a game of golf to catch up.

For others, you could organize or attend informal gatherings, such as lunches. You could also join appropriate networking events and mastermind groups.

A good way to start a relationship with an expert is to find out if the person would be willing to coach or mentor you. Or they may offer a service, program or seminar that will help you get your foot in the door.

Or, if you have a blog or podcast, ask if you can interview them. Do your research, prepare good questions, and make a good impression. If you help them spread their message, they’ll remember you.

It’s your choice

You are the sum of who you spend your time with.

Make sure that you are directly involved with people who lift you, inspire you, and motivate you to do and be more.

As you grow, that may mean changing friends and colleagues. It’s okay; it’s part of life. Just trust that hard work, positivity, and keeping your sights high are things you can’t risk deviating from if you want the life you dream of.

While you don’t get to choose your relatives, you can—and should—choose everyone else. Make sure you choose wisely.

To your success,

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