The Laws of the Universe can be summed up in a single sentence:

You get back what you send out.

Although that’s a pretty simple notion, most people maintain foolish ideas about what it takes to live successfully and happily.

The result is thoughts, beliefs, and actions that work against universal laws and leave them feeling incapable and undeserving of the life they really want.

Imagine how different our lives would be if we had learned to live in harmony with universal laws when we were in school.

However, it’s not too late to right the ship. You can create a new script for your life from this day forward with the following understanding:

By law, the energy you send out always comes back to you.


Send Out High Vibes

Rather than laying out the details of how universal laws work, let’s look at this in relation to how the laws affect the results you get when you’re facing common everyday situations.


You have a bad week.

In less than one week, you get in a huge fight with your partner, get reprimanded at work, and have a car accident.

When you’re in a downswing like this, you might think of yourself as a victim or find yourself expecting something else to go wrong.

According to universal laws, that will get you more things or situations you don’t want. However, if you understand how the laws work, you might choose a different approach.

For example, the Law of Rhythm decrees that everything is flowing in and out, swinging backward and forward, going up and down, etc. So, you’d be aware that things are not always going to go your way, but matters will turn around.

Instead of allowing yourself to get hung up on the things that have gone wrong, you could use your free will to choose good thoughts, knowing that good times are on the way. The sooner you put that energy out, the sooner good things will come to you.


You’re presented with a business opportunity.

You hear about an exciting business opportunity. The business involves doing work that you’d love; however, it would require an upfront investment that’s outside your comfort zone.

When faced with an opportunity like this, you could let your excitement fade by thinking of why it won’t work. You might decide the investment isn’t worth it, you can’t come up with the money, or you’re not good enough to succeed in the business.

Instead of keeping the idea alive by coming up with creative ways to succeed, you dismiss the concept by making excuses for why you shouldn’t take the risk.

Or, instead of doubting yourself or imagining the worst, you could use universal laws to your advantage by remembering that Spirit guides you at all times, and Spirit makes no mistakes. It is perfect.

You’d know that whenever you have a strong desire to do, express, or create something, there is something in you that wants to grow.

So, in this case, you would use your imagination to build and hold an image in your mind of precisely what you want.

You’d see yourself coming up with the investment money quickly, having the knowledge and skills to succeed, and running a business that brings you joy, serves others, and generates the amount of money that you desire.

Then, you’d act like you’ve already brought your idea to life and—through the Law of Vibration—you would attract to you everything that is in harmonious vibration with bringing your goal to life.


You set a goal to increase your income substantially.

You currently earn €75,000 a year, and you set a goal to double your income in a year. Within a few months, you get a raise and add two additional streams of income. At year’s end, your income has increased to only €92,000, far short of your goal.

What do you in this situation?

You could get down in the dumps because you didn’t get what you wanted when you wanted it. And since you didn’t come close to reaching your goal, you might make excuses for why you fell short, or you might even give up and settle for the amount of money you’re earning now.

However, if you understand the Law of Gender, you’ll know that every seed has a gestation or incubation period. Ideas are “spiritual seeds,” and once planted and nourished, they will move into form.

If you keep holding the image of earning €150,000 in your mind and get emotionally involved with the idea, it will manifest when the time is right. Have faith and know that the money is on its way to you.


You land an interview for your dream job.

Next week, you will interview for your dream job. You’re excited, but you’re also very anxious.

How will you prepare for the meeting?

As the date approaches, you might find yourself starting to doubt yourself and thinking of all the things that could go wrong during the interview. You may begin to worry that you will clam up during the interview or say the wrong things, and someone else will get the job you’ve been dreaming of.

However, the Law of Cause and Effect proves there’s an equal and opposite reaction for every action. Every cause has its effect, and every effect has a cause.

So, instead of thinking about all the things that could go wrong, you could choose to be aware that whatever you send into the Universe, including your thoughts, comes back. And so, it’s essential to always focus on what you want. In this case, you could visualise having a phenomenal interview and getting the job and salary that you want.


Money is tight.

You’ve had a few unexpected expenses lately, and now you’re short on money. It’s an unusual situation for you to be in, and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable.

What will you do?

You could check the balance in your checking account and your credit cards every few days to see where you stand financially. You might even create a strict budget and make sure you stick to it.

However, when you concentrate on your current financial situation, your doubt obstructs the unfoldment of prosperity in your life. Remember, what you send out, returns to you.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation decrees that energy moves into physical form. Since thoughts are energy, any idea held in your mind and properly nourished must move into its physical or financial counterpart. In other words, the images you have in your mind most often materialise into results in your life.

Instead of concentrating on the lack of money in your life, focus on the image of having more than enough money to do the things you need, want, and dream of doing. Picture yourself on a shopping spree, living in your dream house, driving a new car… whatever being financial freedom looks like to you.


You want to buy a new house.

You put a contract on a new construction house. You’re incredibly excited about moving into your new home, and you start making plans for it. However, three weeks later, you find out the builder went bankrupt and cannot build the house.

What do you do now?

You could get so upset that you go out and spend a big chunk of the money you would have put down on the house on new furniture for your current home even though it is too outdated to accommodate your needs.

Or, instead of reacting to the news of the bankruptcy, you could take a beat so you can respond to it.

Taking the time to respond will likely change your perception. For instance, you can remember that the Law of Polarity decrees that everything has an opposite: Hot—Cold … Left—Right … Good—Bad.

So, when something doesn’t work out the way you wanted or expected it to, it can’t be all bad. If you take the time to see different sides of the situation, you’ll realize there has to be something good about the house not being built. Look for it. And when you find it, be grateful for it.

Then, with a calmer and clearer mind, you can figure out what your next and best moves should be.


Tips for staying aligned

The universe supports you in every thought you choose to think and get emotional!

When you start to worry, doubt, blame, criticise, reject, feel victimised, or put limits on yourself, change the thought that created the feeling. Change the thought, and the bad feelings must go.

It won’t be easy at first—it takes time to change repetitive thoughts. You’ll fumble and bumble for a while, but like anything else you learn, it gets easier every time you practice.

Here are a few tips that will help reinforce your learning to think thoughts that are in harmony with the laws:

• Always support yourself (never judge yourself)
• Read and study every day
• Express gratitude every day
• Use affirmations
• Visualise what you want

Practice as many of these things as you can, and you will start to see and experience better results in your life.

Keep at it, and you will be surprised and delighted by all the little miracles that occur in your life.

To your success!

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