​Do you consider yourself to be creative?

I hope so because we are all creating this very moment.  The challenge is for us to learn to use our imagination—where creation begins—correctly to create our lives more consciously.


Our imagination creates our thoughts; our thoughts create our feelings; our feelings create our actions, and our actions create our experiences (our results).

When you look at it that way, you see that our creativity is the expression of who and what we are in the world. We create the image of our jobs, what’s in our bank account, and our relationships with our friends. We even create new cells and a new body every few months.

So, like an artist, we create each stroke of the painting that is our life.


The Hallmark of Being Human

You and I can turn something invisible into something visible. No other creature on earth has the ability to do that.

You create your experiences in two ways. The first is by focusing on your current circumstances (what is). The second way is focusing on what you want in the future (what can be).

When you use your imagination to focus on your current circumstances, you create more of the same.

Examples of “what is” creation include…

    • Settling for things as they are and not as they can be
    • Responding to the outside world
    • Following the crowd
    • Living the way others expect you to
    • Thinking from the limited, rational mind
    • Worrying about something that has not happened yet
    • Complaining about not having what you want

By focusing on what is or on things you don’t want, there’s minimal opportunity for growth, happiness, and fulfillment.

However, when you use your imagination to focus on what you want, you open your life to new and better possibilities.

Examples of “what can be” creation include …

    • Questioning the status quo
    • Being aware of problems and coming up with ideas to solve them
    • Exploring and experimenting
    • Being aware that you don’t know everything
    • Thinking from the unlimited, universal mind
    • Taking action to manifest what you want

Dissatisfaction often sparks this kind of creation. When you’re dissatisfied with something in your life, it prompts you to think about ways you can change it.

For instance, dissatisfaction with candlelight inspired Thomas Edison to create a light bulb to eliminate the darkness and lighten the world.

For you, it may be a desire to change careers, start a business, or build a house.


How to Unlock Your Creativity

If you’d like to unlock your creativity to bring more joy and abundance into your life, an excellent place to start is to set time aside to daydream on a different topic every day.

using-your-imagination-to-create-substaintial-change-in-your-lifeFor example, you might create a problem and then say, “I’m going to solve it.” Then, let your mind wander all over the place. Don’t say or think it can’t be done just because you don’t know how to do it. That’s how you start unlocking your creativity.

Or you might think about a challenge you’ve faced for years and decide to find a way to overcome it finally.

Think about this for a moment…

For centuries, it was believed that we could not fly. Many people died trying to get in the air; however, two young bicycle mechanics in Dayton, Ohio, finally got us off the ground in the early 1900s.

The Wright brothers weren’t flight engineers. They were bicycle mechanics who held an image in their mind—themselves in a flying machine. And they kept acting on that image until it became a reality.

Of course, today, we can fly anywhere in the world. Planes take off every minute of the day because two bicycle mechanics unlocked their creativity.

Get the download below for five more exercises you can do to open your mind and unlock your creativity.


Two Choices…

Following your dreams or dancing to the beat of your own drum comes at a price.

It can come with rejection, criticism, isolation, and even contempt.

However, focusing on your current unwanted circumstances, such as a low bank balance or a low-paying job, also comes with a price — creating more of the same.

It is wise to remember that the person who follows the crowd—choosing to focus on their current circumstances—will get no farther than the crowd. However, the relative few who choose to focus on what they want and walk the creative path are likely to find they are in places no one has ever been before.

So, you have two choices in life: You can dissolve into the mainstream or be distinct.

To be distinct, you must be different. To be different, you must think from the inside out and follow the quiet, creative voice inside you.



Something Everyone Wants

Everyone wants more in life—more vitality, money, freedom, and abundance in our surroundings.

The good news is God designed us to have it all.

If you’re skeptical, take a few moments to look around you. Nearly everything you see is an expression of an idea that was born in someone’s imagination.

Every day, take the spiritual power that is flowing to and through you and shape it into anything you want or need to help you live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Let your imagination take you to places you’ve never been and cause you to do things better than you’ve ever done them.

If you do that, you’ll quickly discover that unlocking and expressing your God-given creativity will change your life in magical ways.

To more and better,

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