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Meet Helen Rahill and Michaila O’Reilly, the two inspirational women who formed Action Academy International.  Michaila, moving from the United States and Helen moving from Dublin, both living in rural Ireland, with BIG ideas. These two women met with a mutual vision of creating business opportunities locally and expanding internationally. 

The world has changed rapidly, transforming the way we live and work. We’ve all felt it – the shift in our professional and personal lives, craving more meaningful, satisfying ways to weave through our days. We help entreprenuer to nurture their businesses into flourishing ventures applying knowledge and technology.


Our Mission

We unite Irish business owners in a dynamic hub for collaboration and learning. Our mission is to foster a vibrant local business community where entrepreneurs can network, exchange innovative strategies, and tackle challenges together, driving collective success.

We’re all about connection, growth, and reimagining the possible. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale new heights, we’re here to journey with you. So, if you’re eager to be part of a community that celebrates your successes, supports you through the hurdles, and pushes you towards greatness, you’ve found your tribe at Action Academy!

Michaila O'Reilly - Co Founder of Action Academy

Michaila O'Reilly

Michaila is an American, living in Ireland.  She is an experienced global communications director and dedicated business and personal development coach.  She began her career in event and people management and later migrated into corporate communications and marketing.  She identifies people as her true purpose in life.  Her dedication to working with individuals and business professionals to strive for excellence continues to grow and challenge this driven businesswoman.

Helen Rahill - Co Founder of Action Academy

Helen Rahill

Helen is a dynamic highly experienced business person with over 40 years of innovation experience. Having started her career in Accountancy she quickly moved into the IT end of the business. Helen developed and marketed a number of products in the Accounting and Logistics sector. Helen believes having the right mindset coupled with having efficient systems in place will help to grow any business.

Why Choose Action Academy?

Action Academy is dedicated to providing PRACTICAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS that are easy to implement and yield quick results. Whether you’re looking to enhance your learning, boost your online presence, or accelerate growth through expert marketing, we’re here to support your journey!

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